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Sanctuary Code of Conduct

Rules and Guidelines

The following rules are enforced for ALL members regardless of rank or position.


Sanctuary is a mature community. Some discussions may not be suitable or appropriate for younger gamers. It is recommended that members be at least 16 years of age.


Names must be ASCII characters only as well any abbreviation for personal advertising is not allowed (ie. TTV or YT). Additionally, please do not add titles to your name (eg. LOL, RL, R6, etc.) as we use these to distinguish between members of leadership. Furthermore, we discourage adding any abbreviation of "Sanctuary" to your names. We are a family here, not a cult.


Please keep public comments and discussions constructive. If you feel a conversation you're having may be inappropriate for public discussion, or if someone suggests that it is, please move it to your DMs.


Many community members keep their Discord chats and/or websites open at work or on family computers. Please keep the general content SFW.


Sanctuary does not tolerate attacks on any person or group of people on the basis of gender, religion, race, ethnicity, or sexual orientation. This includes the casual use of derogatory terms.


Do not engage in or post content encouraging the harassment of individuals or communities. This includes not only Sanctuary members but also to random players you meet in-game.


Do not use the Sanctuary Discord or website to promote or sell your product or service. This includes unsolicited advertising of game streams. Posts attempting to advertise anything will be removed.


Using the Sanctuary discord server to invite members into other clans is strictly prohibited. This includes personal messages to clan members. No links to other servers may be posted in any of our channels. Inviting a member of Sanctuary to another community with the intent of poaching will lead to a ban. Status advertising is not allowed. This poaching rule also applies to our website.


Do not use the Sanctuary Discord or website to solicit products or content from other members. This includes assets for Twitch / Youtube, profile pictures, or game coaching. Posts attempting to solicit anything will be removed.
Violation of community guidelines may result in your removal from the Sanctuary server and possible reporting to Discord.


Hacking, Scripting, Glitching, Exploiting and any other means of obtaining an unfair advantage are strictly forbidden and will result in your immediate removal from the clan.

Politics, Religion, Drugs & Finances, do not talk about these at all. Period.

Guidelines are subject to change at the discretion of Sanctuary community leadership. If you have any questions about the community guidelines, please contact @Officer

You can find the official Discord Community Guidelines here:* https://discordapp.com/guidelines.

All rules are enforced at staff discretion and may be subject to change at any point in time

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